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Stonetext offers bespoke graphic designsAs with web design, graphic design is an important part of your corporate image and marketing strategy.  A logo should say something about the business that it represents and how the management sees it's position within their specific market and be attractive to potential clients.  Large corporations are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on their corporate identity and re-branding themselves.  Why?  Because they know the value of being instantly recognisable.  The beauty of a well-designed corporate logo is that you can put it on just about anything, which acts as a constant passive marketing tool for the life of the product.  Brand recognition can be a key to increased sales.  Stonetext Web & Graphic Design believes that having a well-designed corporate logo shouldn't cost a fortune or be beyond the means of any small business.  With our pricing policy we can meet the needs of even the smallest company.  Here are just a few examples of recent work:

Society of Virtual Assistants round membership logo     SVA Blog logo     Logo designed for Virtual-OMS web site     Graphic designed for web site

Knowing how an image is to be used is a factor in the design process.  What will work on a large design screen may not necessarily transfer to a small business card or graphic for use on a web site, which is why we will discuss the possible uses for a particular image.

Navigation buttons don't have to be dull and boring, you can add a bit of fun to a web design with buttons that are beautiful or funky, like these. 

Stonetext Web and Graphic Design can design an image from scratch or put your existing ideas into a usable format.  However you want to progress, Stonetext will work with you to ensure that the artwork produced reflects the nature and style of your business.  Call us today on 0771 981 5636 to discuss your requirements, or email an outline of the work and we will get back to you ASAP.

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